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At Demeris Catering we are equipped to handle many functions each day. We have catered functions in excess of 5000 people and are equipped to cater functions in the 10,000-20,000 people range. In this section you will find information on our catering services, delivery services, and orders that you just want to pick up.

Catered Event – an event for at least 50 people in which our staff comes to your site and serves food to your guests. We provide serving tables, linens, warmers, and all items necessary to serve your guests and provide them with courteous service and great food. Our attire is casual unless otherwise requested. (Catering prices include delivery fees and serving fees)

Delivery – is a function for at least 10 people in which we bring the food in disposable containers and lay the food out for you. Delivered functions do not include any of the extras that you will find on a catered function. Tables, linens and servers are not included. We simply deliver the food and leave. (Delivery fees per area may apply.)

Pick-up – is self-explanatory. You order the food and come by the restaurant and pick it up at the designated time.

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